Weekly Shounen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ, Shūkan Shōnen Janpu) is a weekly comic magazine published in Japan. Commonly referred to as "Weekly Jump", it contains many manga titles targeted at boys, including a chapter and some color spreads each week. There are many other weekly magazines featuring manga, all published by Shueisha, including Young Jump and Monthly Jump.


Weekly Shonen Jump publishes a chapter of each manga featured each week on Monday. Many of these manga are very popular, and commonly become anime, some even going on to be large, popular anime series, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach or Dragon Ball. Scanlators usually scan these by about Wednesday in the U.S. Paper quality because in WSJ it is generally compromised of at least 85% recycled fibre, usually being a yellowish or grayish color. Usually it costs about 260 yen (approx. US$2.54) per issue and compromises of about 400 pages.

Most of the manga chapters are subsequently released in "tankobon" volumes every 2 to 3 months, with higher quality printing materials and sometimes edited parts of the chapter.



  • 2016
    • Issue 35/2016 (Debut): Cover, Lead Color Page (No Ranking)
    • Issue 36/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 37/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 38/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 39/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 40/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 41/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 42/2016: No Ranking
    • Issue 43/2016: #4
    • Issue 44/2016: #6
    • Issue 45/2016: Color Page
    • Issue 46/2016: #4
    • Issue 47/2016: #4
    • Issue 48/2016: #5
    • Issue 49/2016: #4
    • Issue 50/2016: #9
    • Issue 51/2016: Color Page
    • Issue 52/2016: #2
  • 2017
    • Issue 1/2017: Color Page
    • Issue 2/3/2017:

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