The timeline unravels all the events that happened during The Promise Neverland story.

+1,000,000 years agoEdit

  • Humans and Demons lived together in the same world and constantly at war;
  • A human makes a proposal for the two sides to stop hunting. Thus, the two sides created this agreement and the world was divided in two;
  • On the "demons" side, they kidnapped humans and created the Meat Farms.

Year 2014Edit

  • Izabella was born on one of the Meat Farms.

Year 2015Edit

  • The year when the latest orphanage books were published.

Year 2034Edit


Unknown monthsEdit

Year 2035Edit

Unknown monthsEdit

Unknown monthsEdit

Year 2039Edit


  • On January 1st, the First Thing of the Year events take place.
  • On January 15, remembering what happened before arriving at the house, Ray asks Izabella about the truth of the orphanage, confirming his suspicions. He becomes her spy.
  • Ray starts planning a way to escape with Emma and Norman.

Year 2045Edit

  • With the exception of Plant 3, all other Meat Farms have problems in shipping their products.


  • October 12
    • Ray places Little Bernie in a visible spot for Emma to see and go after Conny, to discover the truth of the orphanage.
    • Conny was dead and sent.
    • Emma and Norman discover the truth about the farms while sending Conny.
  • October 13
    • Emma and Norman begin to plan their escape from the orphanage with all the children, deciding that they will escape during the day and through the forest.
  • October 14
    • Izabella begins to investigate to find out who are the two children who discovered the secret. Through Ray, Mama discovers that they are Emma and Norman.
  • October 15
    • Emma and Norman get the "ropes" to climb the wall.
    • Ray "discovers the truth" and joins the two to the escape.
  • October 17
    • Sister Krone and Carol arrive on Floor 3.
    • Through Carol, Emma discovers that the transmitters are applied to the ears of all children.
    • During a report, Mama is informed by Grandmother that she will be responsible for loading the Tea Party of the demons.
  • October 18-27
    • Krone begins his own research to find the children who know the secret.
    • The three elders train the other kids to escape through a game of team pick-up.
    • Krone takes part in a catch-up game with the children, but ends up losing, being surprised by their performance.
  • October 29
    • Emma and Norman tell Don and Gilda that their brothers were sold in human trafficking, earning them as allies.
    • Norman discovers that Ray is the spy of Mama, where it explains to him the history behind this.
  • October 31
    • Ray tells Emma that he is the spy.
    • The three discover about a writer named William Minerva , through Phil , who was giving hidden clues that would help the orphanage escape.
    • Emma and Ray discover messages hidden in Morse code in the books of William Minerva, messages that warned about the reality of the orphanage.
    • Don and Gilda find Izabella's Secret Room after Don steals her key.
    • After Don's suspicions, the trio tells the truth to him and Gilda. Krone silently observes the whole situation.
    • After knowing the truth, Don and Gilda agree to help the trio again.
    • Izabella is notified that the next shipment will only take place in January 2046, when Ray makes 12 years, being sent.


  • November 1
    • Norman asks for herbicide and powdered soap for Don and Gilda, with the aim of making a poison to kill Izabella.
    • Krone offers to cooperate with the five, counting on his goal to usurp Izabella and become the Mama of Grace Field House. They accept.
    • Emma and Norman meet with Sister Krone for information.
  • November 2
    • Ray's request arrives - an instant camera.
    • Krone discovers a weakness of Izabella through Ray.
    • Krone receives a supposed letter that says that she would be the mother of Plant 4, she should only go to the gate to go there with Grandmother.
    • Krone leaves a pen for the children.
    • Krone is killed by a "demon".
    • Ray terminates the device to render the transmitters unusable.
    • Izabella dispenses Ray's services and decides to prevent the escape at once, breaking Emma's leg to prevent her from running away and decrees that Norman will be sent the next day.
    • To save Norman from his inevitable death, Emma and Ray plan that he escape alone the next day.
    • Ray tells Emma and Norman how he discovered the truth of the house.
    • Izabella announces that Norman will be adopted for everyone.
    • Norman finds the pen left by Krone.
  • November 3
    • After performing his daily tasks, Norman performs the investigation. He discovers a cliff behind the wall and the only way to escape is through a bridge.
    • Norman returns to the house and tells what he discovered to Emma and Ray, returning the device and saying goodbye to them.
    • Emma tries to disable Norman's transmitter, but he does not allow it.
    • Izabella and Norman go to the Gate, where possibly Norman was sent.
  • November 4
    • Ray and Emma reportedly give up their escape, but continue to secretly plan it.

Around November-DecemberEdit

  • While Izabella's attention was under Emma, ​​Don and Gilda continued to train the children and collected all the things they needed, such as food, tools, medicines, etc.
    • Ray plans to set fire to the Meat Farms.
    • Emma tells Phil the truth about the house, though he already had suspicions.
    • Emma, Don and Gilda decide to flee only with children over the age of 6, planning to return in 2 years to look for those who stayed and the children of the other plants.

Year 2046Edit


  • January 14
    • Ray and Emma meet in the Dining Room , revealing each other that they have not given up on the escape. So, both decide the last details of it.
    • Ray pours gas into the room and into himself.
  • January 15
    • Ray is 12 years old.
    • At 00:00 sharp, Ray lights the Dining Room.
    • Ray and Emma cut their left ears to fool Izabella.
    • Emma, ​​Ray, Don and Gilda and the children prepare to escape.
    • Izabella alerts the Headquarters that there is an escape and the demons are moving to catch the children.
    • The children are able to cross the chasm of the farm with ropes and escape successfully.

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