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Thoma (トーマ, Tōma?) is one of the orphans who escaped the Grace Field House.


Introduction Arc

During a game of tag, he was caught by Krone along with Anna and Nat.


Thoma has short blue hair and blue eyes. On the left side of his neck, he has the identifying number "55924" from his time at Grace Field House.










Trio name origins 2
  • A mini game in The Promised Neverland official site revealed two manga pages for players who achieved high scores. The pages showed how Isabella named Thoma after a tomato, whether you believe her or not.
  • Posuka Demizu answered in a Q&A how Thoma and Leuvis' monkey Parvus resembles her.[3]
  • The following are Thoma's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • Thoma is ranked 13th in the Popularity Poll that was announced in Chapter 88 of the Manga.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Thoma is in 23rd place with a total of 84 votes.


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