Emma and others
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The The Promised Neverland Discord Server is a chat room in which users are able to talk with each other in a friendly and open environment, not only about the The Promised Neverland series but also about many other topics.

Rules Edit

Although the chat room is a free environment to allow you to discuss nearly anything you want, it also has a comprised list of rules to keep the chat fair and clean.

General Rules Edit

  • Rule 1: No NSFW content

This includes images, words, nsfw role-play, links, and anything else disturbing to other users.

  • Rule 2: No spam

Please do not spam words, links, caps lock, memes, or emojis unless doing so in the #spam-and-memes channel. When going there, please read the posted rules.

  • Rule 3: Be respectful

Do not disrespect other users or their boundaries. This includes flirting, cruel joking, or anything else that is uncomfortable for any users.

  • Rule 4: No advertising

Do not advertise other discord servers (including invites), or anything for sale.

  • Rule 5: No disturbing topics

Refrain from bringing up disturbing or unsettling topics in the chat such as religion, politics, sexual orientation, or any drama.

  • Rule 6: English only

In order to make this server a more readable and easily understandable place for as many people as possible, please only speak English.

  • Rule 7: No spoilers

Keep manga spoilers only to their respective channels.

  • Rule 8: Abide by each channel’s topics

Each channel has a summary in description of what that channel is meant to be used for. If you want to talk about something outside of the channel topic, please move to whatever channel matches your needs.

  • Rule 9: No Sockpuppets

The use of sock puppet accounts, or helping someone to use one, is forbidden. The use of sockpuppets to avoid mutes or bans is bannable.

Please note: All rules apply to DMs of our users.(edited)