Alias Song-Joo
• Characteristics•
 Race Demon
 Gender Male
 Age At Least 30
 D.O.B. Unknown
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Heathens
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 44

Sonju (or Sung-Joo) is a demon that lives outside Grace Field House. He saved Ray just before he was captured by his demon-hound pursuers. He and Mujika were suspected to be demons by Ray.

Appearance Edit

Sonju's canines

Sonju's sharp canines

Sonju is a relatively tall and lean demon. He wears a hood and a mask that covers his entire face which when taken off, reveals his abnormally sharp canines. He has a horn at the center of his forehead and polydactyly, with six fingers on each hand, which are entirely wrapped with a bandage. Under his hood reveals what seems to be black markings across half of his abdomen, and black pants which is secured with a belt.[1] Sonju is often seen carrying a spear.

Personality Edit

Sonju's intimidating the orphans

Sonju intimidating the orphans

Sonju believes in the same religion as Mujika, hence is strongly against the practice of eating humans. However, Sonju remained reluctant and was eager to resume his intention of eating humans once their population increased. Sonju retains a stoic and composed personality, as he sometimes refrained himself from interacting with the orphans, and during the times when he does, he was known to intimidate them due to his appearance. Nevertheless, Sonju on a certain degree still care for the orphans' safety and have faith in them being able to break the promise.[2]

History Edit

Plot Edit

Promised Forest Arc Edit

He tells Emma and Ray that the world is divided into two, the Human World and the Demon World as made by the promised contract.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Archery Edit

Sonju has proven himself to be an expert at archery. Being highly skilled, he was able to precisely hit targets from great distances, such as shooting down a bird in the sky when he tried to demonstrate his skill in archery to Emma.[3]

He is skilled enough to kill Demons.

Relationships Edit

Mujika Edit

Both are of the same religion of exercising the restraint of eating humans. Sonju considered Mujika to be a close ally, and often venture into the forest with her to hunt for creatures he described as "pests"[4]. Despite the two having a close relationship, Mujika is defiant of Sonju's intention of resuming his practice of eating humans.

Emma Edit

Ray Edit

Reference Edit

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