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Shelly (シェリー, Sherī) is one of the orphans at the Grace Field House.


Shelly was born in 2041, and she being sent to Plant 3 a year later in 2042, growing up along with several other children.


Jailbreak ArcEdit

As Emma wondered about, figuring out who could be Isabella's spy,


Shelly is a little girl with fair skin and freckles around her nose. She has short hair that is held back by a black hair band and fringe covering a portion of her forehead. Shelly wears the standard uniform from the Grace Field House.


Described as a fashionable little girl, Shelly is a friend of Phil.[1] Similar to her peers, Shelly is a sociable and fun-loving little girl who often hands out with her little siblings. Shelly also displays signs of cowardice at times.




Shelly beared a certain degree of admiration towards her older foster brother Norman. As mentioned by Ray, Shelly often went to search for the older orphans, especially Norman, to accompany and play with her.[2] When Isabella announced how Norman will soon be sent to foster parents, Shelly dropped a pile of plates within her grasp, as she was devastated in hearing the news. This showed the fondness and liking Shelly has for Norman.



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