Kanji シェリー
 Rōmaji Sherī
• Characteristics •
 Birthday 2041
 Gender Female
 Race Human
 Age 4
 Hair Color Blonde[1]
 Eye Color Blue[2]
• Professional Information •
 Prev. Affiliation Grace Field House
 Farm Identifier 74394
 Status Alive
• Relationships •
 Allies Norman, Phil, the orphans at Grace Field House, Isabella, Krone, her and Phil's new caretaker
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 1 (Cameo)
Chapter 5 (Actual)

Shelly (シェリー, Sherī?) is a minor character of The Promised Neverland. She is a 4 years old orphan who formerly resides in Grace Field House under the parental care of Isabella.

Along with her close friend Phil, and other younger orphans like Carol, Eugene, Milosz and Charlie, Shelly now resides in a new orphanage under the care of a new caretaker after the Grace Field House was burnt down.[3]


Introduction Arc

After waking up, Shelly was briefly seen walking along the hallways of Grace Field House cafeteria, as she later proceeded to join the rest for breakfast.[4] On the subsequent day, Shelly could be seen once again walking towards the cafeteria with Norman and Nat.[5]

Aware that Norman and the other older orphans are doing chores within the house, Shelly and her best friend Phil came running to Isabella to ask when will they finish. Isabella said how it would be the last day for them to do chores, since a newly appointed caretaker shall be taking over the job for them.[6] The new caretaker Isabella was mentioning turned out to be Krone. When Krone arrived in Grace Field along with a newly imported orphan, Carol, Shelly listened to Isabella introducing the two newcomers, as she later went up to Isabella, who was cuddling Carol, as she wished to hug the adorable infant.[7]

After some time, Shelly and Phil once again came to talk to Isabella, this time asking her to join them outside to play, Isabella rejected their invitations, saying that she needs to have a talk with Krone first. Shelly and Phil later came rushing to the big oak tree in the fields in hopes of seeing Emma, Norman and Ray, but was led down as only Gilda and Don were there.[8] After a while, Shelly could be seen running towards Krone in the orphanage's cafeteria, as she sought to hugged her.[9]

Jailbreak Arc

Emma thought of Phil

Emma thought of Shelly and Phil.

As Emma wondered about, figuring out who could be Isabella's spy, she thought of Shelly and Phil, and how the two frequently asked for Norman's and her whereabouts respectively. Emma comically bent down on the ground refusing to suspect Shelly and Phil to be Isabella's spy, much to the annoyance of Ray.[10]

After Norman woke up from a terrifying nightmare, Damdin and Shelly were next to Norman's bed, as the two happily hugged him.[11] After taking yet another test in the examination room, Shelly glared at her best friend Phil as the latter joyfully ran up to Isabella after hearing how his scores had improved.[12]

Some time after lunch, Shelly carried a load of dishes as Anna chased after her, afraid that it might be too heavy for her and she might drop and break them.[13] As Norman, Ray and Emma bumped into Gilda and Don along the hallway, Shelly ran towards Norman, attempting to hug him.[14]

A few days later, as Shelly and the other orphans were playing around the fields, Isabella was seen carrying an injured Emma as she informed the children to go back into the Grace Field House. A commotion soon spiralled among the orphans as they all turned to look at Emma concernly.[15] Some time after the orphans went back to the house, they soon stumbled across a former room of Krone's as they noticed the door (which Ray kicked and broke) lying along the narrow hallway. Shelly, along with Thoma and Lani, examined the broken door.[16] Later that night, Shelly and another orphan ran passed Norman along the hallway connected to the cafeteria.[17]

Several days later, Isabella brought Norman to the cafeteria to announced (lie) to them how Norman would soon be adopted by foster parents and hence would be leaving Grace Field on the subsequent day. Upon hearing the news, Shelly was in pure shock as she dropped a set of plates she has been holding, shattering them. Shelly soon froze on the spot as she began to cry painfully and ran up to Norman to congratulate him and hugged him.[18]

During the day when Norman will be departing, Sherry and the others were once again playing outside the house when they noticed Norman walking back from the orphanage's forest. Shelly was joyful upon seeing him as she ran up to the latter and hugged him once more. Norman returned the affection by pincing her cheeks.[19]

As Norman and Isabella stood by the exit of the house, Shelly and the others bade Norman farewell as Shelly wished him a safe journey, with tears of bittersweet coming out from her eyes.[20]

Search For Minerva Arc

File:Shelly is jealous of Phil.png

Some time after the Grace Field House was burnt and destroyed, Shelly, Phil, Carol, Eugene, Charlie and Milosz were transferred to a new orphanage with a new caretaker. Months has passed and Shelly has gradually improved in her daily tests, but still could not beat Phil, who always excelled her. Thus Shelly eventually developed jealousy towards him.

On a certain day, the caretaker appointed Andrew to investigate her friend Phil after her suspicions of how the toddler knew about the secrets of the orphanage. Andrew stepped into the house and asked to see Phil. As Shelly stood stiffly on the spot upon seeing the intimidating guest greeting her friend, Phil was asked to speak to him.[21]


Shelly is a short, petite girl with fair skin and freckles around her nose. She has blue eyes and short, curly blonde hair that is held back by a red hair band and fringe covering a portion of her forehead. Shelly wears the standard uniform from the Grace Field House.


Shelly's most prominent trait is her love and admiration for Norman, and is often seen searching for him to have him accompany and play with her, and thus, Shelly bears a happy and joyful demeanor whenever he is around. Shelly is also shown to be a rather helpful person, this is proven true when she was spotted carrying a load of dishes around Grace Field House's cafeteria, as she was noticeably the one who was doing the most work.[22] When Emma told Mujika about her foster siblings in Grace Field, the latter described Shelly to be a fashionable girl for her tender age,[23] Emma also told Mujika how Shelly is precocious, this was evident when Phil mentioned how Shelly's scores for her daily tests in their new orphanage has improved tremendously. Shelly has a short fuse and is rather hot-headed. When Phil managed to beat her in the tests consecutively, Shelly was patently jealous and angry towards him.[24]



File:Shelly is jealous of Phil.png

Shelly is a close friend of Phil.[25]


Shelly beared a certain degree of admiration towards her older foster brother Norman. As mentioned by Ray, Shelly often went to search for the older orphans, especially Norman, to hug and accompany her.[26] When Isabella announced (lied) how Norman will soon be sent to foster parents, Shelly dropped a pile of plates within her grasp, as she was visibly devastated in hearing the news. The latter even broke down in tears and cried painfully as she congratulates Norman for getting adopted. This showed the fondness and liking Shelly has for Norman, and how she wished for him to have a happy future with his newfound parents.[27]

Norman, on the other hand, cares for Shelly as much as he cares for his younger foster siblings. After Norman received the news from Isabella on how he would soon be shipped out from the Grace Field House, Norman thought of how he wished to live and be together with his friends in Grace Field, as he recalled Shelly to be one of the few friends he wished to be together with.[28]

Skills and Abilites

Physical Strength

For a 4 year old toddler, Shelly has displayed an immense amount of strength for her age, as she could be seen carrying two stacks of dishes on each hand as she briskly walked along with ease.[29]



  • The following are Shelly's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump's popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Shelly is in the 38th place.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Shelly is in 25th place alongside Dina, both having 55 votes.


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