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Search For Minerva Arc
Chapter 053 EN
 Romaji Mineruba aaku wo kensakushi masu
 Manga Chapter(s) Chapter 53- Ongoing
 Beginning September 1, 2017
 End Ongoing
Promised Forest Arc
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The Search For Minerva Arc is the fourth story arc in The Promised Neverland series.

Emma, Ray, and the rest of the kids have left the forest and are now traveling to locate the whereabouts of William Minerva.

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The unnamed man escapes and eats the cookies left behind by the kids. The door was tied to another door making it locked from the outside. The Grace Field Kids checks the archive to learn about the timeline and other Plantation Farms.

Grace Field House uses digits on the neck as Farm Identifiers. Glory Bell a character string on the belly. Emma and Ray plan to go outside and find William Minerva by negotiating with the unnamed man.

They plan to go to Goldy Pond.

As Emma proceeded to the Goldy Pond with a couple orphans she had rescued along the way, the music played, signalling the end of the hunt. Emma scanned through the crowd of badly injured orphans and noticed that Theo, Monica, and Jake are not with them. Running through the village in search of the trio, Emma found Theo, only to noticed he was covered in dirt and blood and the absence of the other two. Theo then explained when they are escaping from Lewis, Jake used himself as a shield to save Theo from the demon, costing his life in the process, while Monica died from getting hit by Lewis's axe. Lewis, however, spared Theo (and Emma's) life, wanting the latter to tell Emma that she should "join the hunt and come at him".

Theo's response left Emma in utter shock, as she watched him sobbed painfully over Monica and Jake's death while recalling the time him and the two —who he called as his siblings— had spent together in the orphanage they were once in. Meanwhile, Lewis was with a couple of demons, feeding on the flesh of the orphans they had killed. As Emma acknowledged her failure in saving the orphans, Violet then came up to her and comforted Emma, telling her to face reality.

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