Sandy (サンディ, Sandi?) is a former orphan from the Grand Valley orphanage and a member of the Goldy Pond Resistance who is in charge of relief in Goldy Pond.


Not much is known about Sandy's history, except he was one of the many children shipped out from Grand Valley.


Sandy has curly dark hair and wide eyes. He wears hairclips in several colors and a dark green vest.


Sandy is a happy and positive individual among his friends. He's always quick to offer encouragement or a smile. Like the other Goldy Pond kids, he is loyal and cares deeply about his allies.

His personality and demeanor contrast to that of Zack.


Search For Minerva Arc

Sandy and Zack are in charge of first aid for the humans in Goldy Pond.

Goldy Pond Hunting Arc

Sonia and Sandy fights Nous and Nouma. Nous slices a tree and destroys the gun. The demons notice the trap but they don't know that Sandy has a weapon to break their mask. chapter 78 page 12-20


  • He's always trying to make sure everyone is in a positive mood.
  • He's the one who gave Emma the hairclips she wears in Goldy Pond.


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