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Ray has been working as a spy for Izabella since he was young after discovering the secret of the orphanage, In reality, he has been planning a way of escape the whole time as working as a double agent. The two seem to play on each other's words and have a tension, however they both listen to what the other has to say, this will not stop Izabella from most likely shipping Ray and the others, leading Ray to find out all he can from her in order to make sure that doesn't happen.

It is later revealed that Izabella and Ray are in fact, mother and son. [1]

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Ray seems close to Norman, the two seem to get along well, strategizing with each other. Norman is one of the people that Ray swore not to let die, he believes Norman to be the more logical one as opposed to Emma and trusts him. The two do have opposing views on the situation, Ray wanting to leave the others behind to heighten the chance of their survival, while Norman, believing in Emma, wants to help find a way to help everyone escape. While they have incredible differences, they are two of the smartest children and are making their effort to escape.

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Ray has a rather complex relationship with his adoptive sister. As their personalities are arranged to contrast with each other's; with Emma being a jovial, gullible and sociable person and Ray as more of an edgy and sharp-witted introvert. He often displays a brusque, casual attitude with her, which belies their deep bond and care for each other. Despite his blunt exterior, he is always looking out for her, and will not hesitate to comfort or reassure her when he senses that she needs him to. Like typical siblings (or at least friends), they do not always agree and Emma's nature and opinions sometimes get on Ray's nerves.

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Ray tells his mama that Sister Krone is acting on herself.

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Ray and John do not see eye to eye ever since they first met. Their animosity deepens as soon as John threatens to kill him and Emma. During journey to Gold Pond, He is very suspicious of the guy and never lets his and emma's guard down.

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