Kanji レイ
 Romaji Rei
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 11 [1]
12 [2]
 D.O.B. January 15th, 2034 [3]
 Hair Color Black and Green
 Eye Color Black
 Height 150 cm
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Shelter B06-32
 Previous Affiliation Plant 3 (Escaped)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Number 81194
 Relative(s) Izabella (Mother)[4]
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Pistol
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 1

Ray (レイ, Rei) is one of the main protagonists of The Promised Neverland. He lives inside the Grace Field House.


Ray has dark, somewhat messy hair that slightly cover's his left eye, he wears the standard white uniform. He has dark eyes and a slender appearance wearing usually a tired like look.


Ray's strength was his cunningness, sharp wits, and his manipulative nature, that he uses to trick and win the minds and loyalties of his fellow friends and even foes, which had proven to be a threat to those who rival him. Rational, logical and highly intelligent, Ray is an academically inclined young boy who excels in the orphanage's daily tests, he also uses his intelligence to decipher problems and to come out with solutions.

An outspoken person with little patience for inconvenience and silliness (like Emma's), he is unafraid of using his strengths to threaten his enemies, such as having the nerves to blow up B06-32 (a shelter vital to both the orphans and John) in order to get John to cooperate with him and Emma.

According to the data Krone obtained, Ray is a person who gives up easily. This was specifically proven when after the plan of saving Norman got foiled, Ray lost hope and excluded himself from helping the others to devise another plan to escape.

Ray also seems to be rather aloof and introverted, as he often excludes himself from playing with the other orphans and prefers to read a book instead. However, he is able to interact well with his fellow siblings and is fiercely loyal to them. Even if there are times when they do not get along, he still deeply cares about their well-being and would go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Ray is also noted to be extremely courageous and audacious, this was shown when he willingly risked his life by lighting himself on fire in order to allow the plan of the orphans' escape to run smoothly. Another example is when Ray nearly sacrificed his life to lure the man-eaters away from the other orphans.

Goldy Pond ArcEdit

Ray was with Emma and Shelter B06-32 Unnamed Man to find William Minerva on Goldy Pond. During their travel, they fought Wild Demons. They found out the Demons rise up again and middle eye is the Demon's weakness.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Ray is an extremely intelligent and cunning strategist. He is a highly studious boy. Ray also gain knowledge of the outside world from the books that he reads hence act as a trump card for the group during and after their escape from the Grace Field House. Ray is also extremely perceptive, as it is revealed that he realized years ago that the "orphanage" is, in fact, a farm, with the children as livestock, without ever having to actually see the reality with his own eyes (like Emma and Norman) in order to realize this fact.

Trivia Edit

  • Ray, unlike the other orphans, didn't experience childhood amnesia. This contributed greatly to his discovery about the truth of the orphanage.

References Edit

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