The Promised Pen is an object possibly made by William Minerva, which was left behind at certain places or given to certain people to give the orphans of multiple Plantations the change find a safe place in the form of Shelter B06-32.

Origins Edit

Not much is known about the pen aside from the fact that there are at least 2 pens who both serve as a key to the underground shelter. The oldest and first pen was left behind at a different plantation then the Grace Field House, possibly by William Minerva. The second pen was dropped on purpose by William Minerva at the Demon Headquarters for Sister Krone, which was later used by the 'Grace Field' escapees as a map and a key to the underground shelter.

Functions Edit

The pen had at least 3 known functions:

  • A map: When the middle of the pen is opened it projects a virtual navigation map for the orphans to find their way in and out the Grace Field House.
  • A key: The pen is the only known key to enter the secret Shelter B06-32 underground.
  • A code: The pen contains multiple unknown codes and messages.

The map Edit

The pen serves as a navigation map for the orphans to find their way in and out the Grace Field House. It gives clues on where to go in certain codes.


Ray using The Promised Pen

A-Area Edit

B-Area Edit

  • B00-00 is the center of the map and the location of the Grace Field House.
  • B01-14 TBA
  • B04-21 is the number shown inside the underground tunnel in the demon forest.
  • An unknown code is the location where Ray carved a tree with "Pursuers found me" but this place is not yet revealed.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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