These premium farms are for premium or high-end farming. While Factory Farming is for mass production of cheap meat. Around 4 premium farms exist says Sungjo. chapter 50 page 9

They put trackers on the kid's ear. They use a transmitter to track them. chapter 2 page 21-26

The have a library for the kids to study. chapter 1 page 23


  • Based on Age 6 up.
  • Based on scores
  • Ray had a deal that if he works for Isabella he won't get early shipment and he gets something for it. chapter 14 page 5

Scores or IQ Test

  • The kids in the farms takes a tests and the highest score is 300. chapter 1 page 12-16 and chapter 2 page 10 chapter 15 page 6
  • Norman shows the scores of the other siblings who have left.
  • Left at age of 6.
  • Lowest to highest scores. chapter 11 page 13-15
  • Ray says shipping order is based on score. chapter 14 page 4


  • Uniforms are monotonous says Gilda. chapter 1 page 23


  • Food is tasty. chapter 2 page 9-11

Structured lives.

Emma and Ray notice that the house is a cage. chapter 2 page 9-11

Shipment is in 2 months according to Norman. chapter 2 page 12

A sample map of the Gracefield house. chapter 2 page 13

They found a wall. chapter 2 page 17

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