Introduction Arc Edit

Norman was first introduced in Chapter 1 alongside Ray. He was seen setting up breakfast and greeting Emma. Norman later appeared when Emma was contemplating on what to do with Little Bernie after discovering it. He suggested that they should return it to Connie together. Norman and Emma's innocent attempt to return Little Bernie to Connie led them to discover the horrific truth about the farm. Initially Norman wanted to escape only with Emma and Ray, but Emma insisted in escaping with everyone. Norman obliged to Emma's aspiration in saving the other children. The following day, Norman and Emma began to plan their escape from the farm.

Jailbreak Arc Edit

In order to dash the hopes that Emma, Ray, and Norman attempt of escaping, Mama had Norman's "shipment date" moved up. Mama's plan deterred the escape plan of the trio. In order to prevent Norman's shipment, Emma and Ray told Norman to save himself. Emma and Ray perferred to see Norman escaping on his own, rather than seeing him shipped out. Before his shipment date, Norman did follow Emma and Ray's plan, but ultimately returned. Norman's reason for returning and accepting his shipment is due to his will to break the standard and save everyone. Norman is met by Peter Ratri, and is told work with him on his research. He arrives at Λ 7214 and is presumed to enter contact with Adam before the search for Minerva Arc. In Λ 7214, Norman is being experimented as test subject in experiments.

Promised Forest Arc Edit

Norman did not make an appearance during the Promised Forest Arc, due to being shipped out in the previous arc. However, he left a letter to Emma about what he found with the Promised Pen and how to accomplish the escape plan.

Search for Minerva Arc Edit

Norman is seen taking tests similarly to those of Grace Field House, but of a harder difficulty. He continually receives perfect scores, as mentioned by the scientists of Λ7214. He is determined to survive these experiments and hopes to reunite with his family.

Goldy Pond Arc Edit

Although Norman does not make an appearance since the Search for Minerva Arc, Adam a former experiment of Project Lambda 7214 repeats his identification number on numerous amounts of occasions. Norman was briefly on-screen at the end of the arc studying and plotting his escape.