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As of where the series stands now, there has been no mention of Norman's family.

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I want to do the things that'll make Emma happy...because I love her./I won't let her die. If it's for her sake...I'll use myself to do anything...and everything.[1]
— Norman telling Ray that he "loves" Emma
Emma is the person he cares for dearly, and he has stated "he loves her." Being adopted siblings, they have been close throughout their entire lives. Their drastically different personalities (With Emma's reckless and carefree nature to Norman's well-reserved annd attentive one) Norman is able to tolerate Emma's eccentricities and reckless behavior, even supported it at times. Norman wants to see her happy and will do anything to accomplish it. During their planning of escaping the orphanage, Emma and Ray were initially the only people in the orphanage he was willing to put his trust on. Although Emma is oblivious to Norman's feelings for her, she cares for him greatly and considers him as her strength. When Norman sacrificed himself and got shipped out of the orphanage to save Emma and the other orphans, Emma was left depressed and helpless for a long period of time after his departure.
Norman comforting Emma

Norman consoling a devastated Emma.

When Emma shared several photos of her and her friends during their times in the orphanage with Mujika, Emma was shown to be rather emotional when she starts talking about Norman with her.

During Norman's months of being experimented on under Peter Ratri 's control, Norman had always been thinking about Emma, Ray and all of his siblings which he had been separated from. As he vowed to break out of the labotory and find his dear siblings again.


Throughout the past 11 years of their lives, Norman has been the closest to Emma and Ray. Despite their contrasting personalities; with Norman being a enthusiastic and socialble person as opposed to Ray's sarcasting and introverted manner, Norman sees Ray as a brother figure, and both deeply cared each other's well-beings. Both Norman and Ray acknowledged and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses hence seeing the opposite's skills to be useful in aiding their escape.
Norman's intelligence

Ray being familiar with Norman's tactics during a game of tag.

Besides Emma, and later Gilda and Don, Ray was the only person Norman was willing to put his trust on during their planning of escaping the orphanage. However, their trust was later limited when Norman suspected Ray to be Isabella's spy, as the two's relationship got restrained for a period of time. Nevertheless, they resumed being friends and helped to aid each other during the escape. When Norman was shipped out of the orphanage, leaving a well-established behind for Emma and the others to use to escape, Ray was utterly shocked and awed by Norman's plan and how it was carried out smoothly as most of the orphans successfully escaped the orphanage.


Norman cares for Gilda like all of the other orphans. During his departure of orphanage, he entrusted her to take care of Emma and Ray.

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Norman cares for Don like all of the other orphans. Despite being punched by Don during the Jail-Break arc, he held no grudge. Upon his departure from the orphanage, he entrusted him to take care of Emma and Ray. 

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Conny was a precious family member to him. He along with Emma was distraught upon learning of her death.

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Norman cares for Phil like all of the other orphans. In the special omake (Volume 5), he entrusted Phil to help Emma.

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Like Emma, Norman felt betrayed by Mama upon discovering the truth about the farm. Mama was the person who raised him, and he loved her very much. Norman's love for Mama vanished after discovering the truth about the orphanage. The discovery of Mama's role in the farm resulted in Norman's unemotional attempt in poisoning her in order to escape.

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Norman distrusted Sister Krone, but he used her to his advantage. Norman was able to get intel on the farm and how to treat wounds from her.

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While Norman is, on the surface, friendly with Peter Ratiri, he is conspiring against him to escape.

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