Mujika Colored


 Alias Musica
• Characteristics•
 Race Demon
 Gender Female
 Age Unknown
 D.O.B. Unknown
 Hair Color Pink
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Heathens
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 43

Mujika (or Musica) is a demon descent traveling in the forest outside the Grace Field House. She saved Emma and the other orphans of Grace Field House from the pursuing demons. She, together with Sonju believe in a religious principle to not eat humans from farms. Though, Mujika has chosen not to eat wild humans either.


Mujika has long, purple hair braided pigtails covering parts of her horns, and wears a mask with two holes positioned vertically. She has a pale complexion and wears a bluish-white cloak.


She was introduced in the story as someone who is accommodating and motherly.


Musica and Sonju were notified of the "goods" that escaped from Gracefield House.[1] She considered that they capture them and bring them back to the farm so they would have peace for at least six months.[2]

She asked Sonju why he didn't tell the kids about the King and what would happen if they would break the Demon World Promise.


Promised Forest ArcEdit

Mujika taught the kids about basic survival knowledge throughout their travels to B06-32. Right before parting ways, she gave Emma an item to serve as a good-luck charm and told her to look for "the seven walls".[3]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit



Both are of the same religion of exercising the restraint of eating humans. Sonju considered Mujika to be a close ally, and often venture into the forest with her to hunt for creatures he described as "pests"[4]. Despite the two having a close relationship, Mujika is defiant of Sonju's intention of resuming his practice of eating humans born in the wild and not in the farms.


Mujika took care of Emma when Emma was about to be killed by the demons. Their relationship continued to grow while they traveled together, and Emma was comfortable enough around Mujika to share photos of her family. Mujika admitted that it was the first time that she was able to see and talk with humans, and that she was happy that they could be friends.

Grace Field EscapeesEdit



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