Lucas (ルーカス, Rūkasu?) is an escapee from Glory Bell and a friend of Yugo. He was captured by the Poachers in Goldy Pond when he and his friends traveled to the human reserve in hope of finding William Minerva. He then seemingly died at the hands of the Poachers.[2]

Years later he reappeared alive as one of the leaders of a resistance organization located in Goldy Pond.[3]

Appearance Edit

Lucas is a tall young man who had a rather long maroon, messy hair with thick, black eyebrows. He appeared to have light skin and light eyes.

Lucas lost his arm

The lost of his right arm.

Years later, Lucas sports a shorter version of his old hairstyle. He has three large scars on the right-hand side of his face. He also seems to have a more brownish skin color now. Lucas wears the same shoes which he wore years back. He also walks with a cane and uses a robe to cover up his body. Lucas was missing his right arm, which he lost during his fight with Leuvis, hence he walks with a cane since then, for more stability.

Personality Edit

Lucas is a kind individual who cares deeply about the well being of his friends. The loss of his friends by the hands of the Poachers affected him a lot and caused him hate the Poachers, wanting to destroy Goldy Pond as a whole. He also appeared to serve as a brotherly figure to the younger orphans in Shelter B06-32 as well as Goldy Pond. He also appears to have a lot of courage when he decided to give his life for the unnamed man in order for him to survive. Having survived the attack, he later decided to live inside Goldy Pond, because of the deep resentment of his murdered comrades and for the fact that he does not want to leave the current children all alone. He also cried tears of joy when he heard from Emma that the unnamed man is still alive, implying how much he cared about him.

History Edit

Lucas was born in 2017, and he being sent to Plant 3 a year later in 2018, growing up along with Yugo and several other children.

Around 13 years ago, Lucas was one of the escapees from Glory Bell orphanage alongside Yuugo, Dinah, Jon and a few other orphans.
The man and his friends

Lucas and his friends in the shelter.

The group eventually stumbled into Goldy Pond, where they struggled to fight the Poachers in order to get back to the shelter safe and sound. Nevertheless, Lucas and his friends were hunted by Leuvis and – one by one – were massacred by the Archduke. Being the only person among his friends who survived Leuvis' attacks – in which the latter teared off his right arm, Lucas managed to escape from Leuvis while enduring the intense pain from what was left of his right arm.

As he went into hiding from Leuvis, a mysterious girl ran into Lucas and aid him with his injury to prevent him from bleeding to death. Lucas and the girl later lived together in a windmill in Goldy Pond before the girl's passing five years later.

No longer able to tolerate the pain and suffering of the orphas in Goldy Pond, Lucas vowed to put an end to their misery and destroy Goldy Pond. As years passed, Lucas founded the Goldy Pond Resistance and gathered surviving children of numerous hunts and made them join his resistance group. Making them part of him team.

Plot Edit

Goldy Pond Arc Edit

Cuvitidala Arc Edit

Months after the departure of Emma, Ray, Gilda, Don, Zack and Violet, the team finally returned back to the shelter unharmed. Lucas and the other inhabitants of the shelter happily welcome the team's return.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Survival Skills Edit

Lucas has proven himself to be great at survival, having survived the attack from Lewis, in which he lost his arm and how he survived for over thirteen years on his own inside Goldy Pond.

Intelligence Edit

He appears to know a lot about the two worlds, the promise, the demons, the hunting reserve, the shelter, William Minerva and so on. He shared all of his information with the members of the Goldy Pond Resistance in the hope of someday defeating the Poachers and destroying Goldy Pond.

Relationships Edit

Yuugo Edit

Lucas breaking into tears

Lucas breaking into tears after hearing that his friend is alive.

Not much is known about their relationship but they appeared to be close friends who grew up together in the same orphanage. They escaped together with several other Glory Bell orphans and began living in a shelter underground. They seemed happy and everything was in its place until all the children with the exception of the unnamed man lost their lives in the battles with the Wild Demons and the Poachers, including Lucas who gave his life to give the unnamed man an opportunity to escape, showing how much he cared for the unnamed man. This left the unnamed man heart-broken for over thirteen years. Having survived the attack from the Poachers, Lucas even cared about the man's well being for over thirteen years. This was shown when he asked Emma about the man right after they met.

Goldy Pond Resistance Edit

After surviving the attack from Archduke Lewis, Lucas gathered numerous children from Goldy Pond and decided to save them and make them a team. He shared all his secrets and all the information he knew and started training them. The children all appear to have the same motivation as Lucas, to destroy the hunting reserve and escape Goldy Pond.

Lucas valued the team members greatly and sees them as the only family he had left. While the team members sees Lucas as a leader and their father figure. Out of all the team members, Lucas is the closest to Oliver, as the latter is the first orphan Lucas managed to save and the first member of the team.

Emma Edit

Lucas and Emma get along well for the short time they know each other. Lucas acts kindly around her and she does the same. Emma was shocked to see him alive, after hearing from the unnamed man that Lucas died together with the rest of his friends. Lucas appears to be grateful to Emma for keeping an eye out for his friend and starts crying when he hears that the man is alive and well. This made him trust her and made him decide to tell her about the secret passage and Minerva's door.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the only known human adult who lived in Goldy Pond.
  • When Kaiu Shirai was asked whether Lucas, Zack, Pepe and Nigel are named after famous soccer players, Shirai responds on how Lucas is instead named after the American filmmaker George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise.[4]
  • The following are Lucas's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Lucas is in 11th place with a total of 662 votes.

Reference Edit

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