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 Kanji レスリー
 Romaji Resurī
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 12
 D.O.B. Unknown
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Grace Field House (Shipped Out)
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Number 71584
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 37

Leslie (レスリー, Resurī) was Izabella's childhood friend and main love interest.

He also sang a certain song that Izabella later learned from him which she sang to Ray during her pregnancy.

He was later on shipped out and killed.

Appearance Edit

He wore the standard boy's outfit from the plant that he was living in. He also appeared to have a feminine look over him.

Personality Edit

He appeared to be a caring and sweet boy, especially to Izabella.

History Edit

Reference Edit

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