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Leslie (レスリー, Resurī) was Izabella's childhood friend and main love interest.

He also sang a certain song that Izabella later learned from him which she sang to Ray during her pregnancy.

He was later on shipped out.

Appearance Edit

Leslie is a young preteen with freckles and short hair which was neatly combed around his head. He wore standard orphanage uniform and the code "71584" implemented on his neck.

Personality Edit

Not much known about Leslie's personality. However, Leslie appeared as a compassionate and cordial young boy, bearing a shy but friendly attitude towards Izabella. Leslie was also shown to be easily frightened, as he gasped at Izabella's sudden appearance.

Leslie and Izabella

Leslie's easily intimidated by Izabella

History Edit

Leslie was raised alongside Izabella in the same orphanage as a child. During his years, when he was unbeknownst of his fate of getting eaten by the demons, Leslie befriended Izabella and had been close friends. During a period of time in the orphanage, Leslie composed a tune which he then shared to Izabella after her insisting on singing the tune to her. Leslie's fate later remains unknown, but was assumed dead since Izabella described that he was no longer around.

Relationships Edit

Izabella Edit

Since the two are raised in the same orphanage, Leslie and Izabella had been close —if not intimate— friends during their childhood. Leslie was shown to be rather shy but kind-witted towards his friend, as she was the only person Leslie was willing to chant his tune to. Leslie, on a certain degree, seems to bear feelings towards Izabella, as he was shown to blush when Izabella insisted him on sharing his tune to her.

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