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Jailbreak Arc
Chapter 10 Color Page Issue 45 2016
 Romaji Gurēsufīrudohausu
 Manga Volume(s) Volume 2 - Volume ?
 Manga Chapter(s) Chapter 10 - Chapter 37
 Beginning October 10, 2016
 End May 8, 2017
Introduction Arc
Promised Forest Arc
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The Jailbreak Arc is the second story arc in The Promised Neverland series. Emma, Norman and Ray attempt to escape the orphanage with the other children.

Summary Edit

Emma continues to train the kids for the day of the escape, while Norman and Ray plan a way to get rid of the adults. Gilda and Don join telling them that the whole orphanage system is a field for dietary goods where humans are the meat. Krone asks Gilda about what she knows.

Izabella receives a note saying "Rope Norman Bed". Don "ropes hidden in bed". Gilda "ceiling of the 2nd-floor bathroom". Emma continues to investigate whether Gilda is really the spy between them when she is called to talk to Sister Krone. The identity of the true spy is finally revealed. Ray confirms Norman to be the spy, but is Ray really an enemy? Ray tells Norman why he works for Izabella. He wants only a few of them to escape. Ray found the secret of the house when he was young. Ray tells Emma he is the Izabella's spy. It was revealed from Emma's group investigation that Izabella disappears during 8PM and they thought about the existence of a secret room. They talk about the secret room where Izabella reports to the HQ. Emma shows some books to them. Don and Gilda enter Izabella's secret room with the toys of other kids. They also talk about William Minerva based on a secret code such as the Promised Neverland. It shows pictures of the other kids that were shipped out. Don and Gilda sneak out of the secret room as Emma tells them that Phil told her about the code. Then Eugene hands out the key to Izabella so she asks when she lost it. Don confronts them and then they were told about the Demons and the farm. Then Don punches Norman and Ray but Sister Krone sees what happened. It is 11/1 Wednesday, they prepare for the investigation. Ray reports to Izabella. She then informs Ray about HQ's shipment schedule. Then Sister Krone shows herself to ask if the 5 of them would team up with her.

The plan failed. Emma's leg was twisted by Izabella to hinder their escape plan. Ray and Emma refuse to let Norman die and are planning on making him escape alone.

Emma tries to prevent one last time Norman goes to the gate with Mama Isabella, but he continues to persist in his decision. After Norman is sent, Emma went into depression. After both Emma and Ray reveal that they have not given up running, they discuss the last details of the escape. Mama is planning an all-nighter to prevent anything bad from happening. Mama hears Emma´s cry and rushes to the dining room. When she got it, she saw a sea of fire. When she used her tracker, there was a signal inside the sea of flame, hinting that Ray may be inside.

Mama rushes and wants to put out the fire ASAP. Amidst all the chaos, Emma vanishes. Mama finds that Emma cut her left ear, and thinks back to what the children were wearing before leaving the house cause of the fire.

Every child is safe outside, and we can see Ray with a towel on his left ear, hinting that he also cut his left ear and left it in the dining room to trick Mama. All of this is going according to Norman´s plan. Norman pre-emptively thought that Ray will sacrifice himself by setting up a fire so that they would escape. The rest prepare for the escape.

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  • Ray turns 12 during this arc but escapes before being shipped off.
  • Fifteen children escape from the Grace Field House, including Emma and Ray.


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