Ray has been working as a spy for Izabella since he was young after discovering the secret of the orphanage, In reality, he has been planning a way of escape the whole time as working as a double agent. The two seem to play on each other's words and have a tension, however they both listen to what the other has to say, this will not stop Izabella from most likely shipping Ray and the others, leading Ray to find out all he can from her in order to make sure that doesn't happen.

It is later revealed that Izabella and Ray are in fact, mother and son.[1]



Since the two are raised in the same orphanage, Leslie and Izabella had been close —if not intimate— friends during their childhood. Leslie was shown to be rather shy but kind-witted towards his friend, as she was the only person Leslie was willing to chant his tune to. Isabella, on a certain degree, seems to bear feelings towards Leslie. And when Isabella assumed that he was dead, Isabella lost hope and her assertive and optimistic personality turned into a much darker and gloomier one.



Izabella seems to care about Emma in a sort of twisted way and would rather Emma became a mama than to kill her.


Conny Edit

Izabella is believed to have loved Conny before leading her to death.[2]



A mysterious woman that she reports to. Nothing else is known about their relationship, but it seems that she is a higher authority.[3] In a flashback, Izabella remembers crossing outside and jumping onto the wall only to see the drop that separated the plant and the rest of the world. Her Mama which is the current Grandmother came to escort her down which shows that Grandmother knew Izabella for a long time.

Sister KroneEdit

Izabella has shown her authority over Krone and doesn't necessarily like her. She has told her that she only requested her to help her out and Krone reports only to her.

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