Kanji イザベラ
 Romaji Izaberu
 Nickname Mama
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 31 [1]
 D.O.B. Around 2014
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Brown
 Height 170 cm
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Grace Field House
Plant 3
 Previous Affiliation Ray
Sister Krone
 Occupation Mama
• Personal Status•
 Status Unknown
 Number 73584
 Relative(s) Ray (Son)[2]
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 1

Isabella (イザベラ, Izabera), also known as Mama by the children, is the main antagonist of The Promised Neverland in the first arc and the Mama who runs one of the Grace Field House orphanages, specifically known as Plant 3.



Isabella's full appearance.

Isabella is a tall woman with black hair tied into a bun that hangs down onto the back of her head. She wears an attire, which consists of black dress with a white blouse underneath it and a white apron over it, she has the number "73584" on her neck. During her childhood, Isabella wore standard orphanage clothing and her hair was tied in a form of a braid.[3]


Leslie and Izabella

Isabella scaring Leslie, displaying her comedic nature during her childhood

During her childhood, Isabella was shown to be a optimistic, comedic and fun-loving individual, and was very attached to her childhood friend Leslie. But ever since she acknowledged the true motive behind the orphanage's purpose of raising them; to raise them as livestock for the demons, Isabella's personality went through a drastic change.

Isabella now appears as a sharp-witted and deceiving young woman. As a person highly trained as being a mama, Isabella is astute as being one and was hence elected in being the caretaker of one of the top orphanages. Isabella's behavior is very mercurial, capable of switching between seemingly true affection for the orphans to extreme loathing and threat of violence towards those who defies her. Isabella was unhesitant in taking down those who stand in her way (specifically Emma, Norman and Ray), sometimes even physically, this was shown when Isabella attempted to stop the orphans from escaping, she violently fractured Emma's leg without a second thought.

Izabella and Emma

Isabella approaching Emma, threatening her

Another few of Isabella's prominent traits are her high cunning and intelligence. As being one of the top Mamas, Isabella uses her intelligence in foiling and sabotaging the orphans' escape plan. She was shown to be quite resourceful, as she depended on her transmitter to track down the orphans. Isabella was unafraid of using her intelligence and position as a Mama to threaten her enemies, as she openly threatens Emma despite knowing it as a reckless and risky move when she seeks to gather information on how Emma and the others are going to escape.


Isabella was once an orphan herself in one of the orphanages when she was a child. There she met a boy named Leslie who would become her closest friend. She learned a song from him that instantly became her favorite song. Leslie was later shipped out and killed. Isabella then tried to escape by crossing the huge wall but saw that there was a huge cliff on the other side, this sight crushed all her hopes and she was soon stopped by the Mama of her own orphanage.

Isabella was given a choice: Train to become a Mama or being shipped out, resulting in a certain death. She wanted to live and chose to become a Mama with the thought behind it that she would give all the kids later as much love as she could.

While in training, she became pregnant and she would always sing the same song for the unborn child that Leslie, years earlier, sang for her. Sometime later, the child was taken away from her and she was appointed as the new mama of Plant 3, becoming the youngest ever chosen to become a Mama.

After a few years being the mama of Plant 3 she heard Ray singing the same song that Leslie once sang for her. She then came to the shocking truth that Ray is in fact, her own son.

She saw her kids leave the Plantation Farm and help untie the ropes. She was last seen sleeping with the kids and owes up to the escape.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Isabella has shown that she is very intelligent and can find the littlest of details. She quickly and easily found out about the children's plan to escape and has been able to keep all her children healthy and top of the line. she is also quite adept at chess, further proving her sharp intellect.

Hysterical StrengthEdit

Isabella has shown capable of lifting heavy objects and breaking Emma's leg with her own strength.


  • She is the youngest ever to become a Mama.
  • She was also an orphan at an orphanage.
  • Her number on her neck is '73584'.
  • Isabella was the first character to speak in the manga.[4]


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