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Introduction Arc
Chapter 001 JP
 Romaji Hajime ni āku
 Manga Volume(s) Volume 1 - Volume 2
 Manga Chapter(s) Chapter 1 - Chapter 9
 Beginning August 1, 2016
 End October 3, 2016
Jailbreak Arc
List of Story Arcs

The Introduction Arc is the first story arc in The Promised Neverland series. The arc introduces all the main characters, the demons and important plot threads to the future of the series.

Summary Edit

Emma and her friends have a very good life in the orphanage in which they grew up. Although the rules are strict, the caretaker is gentle. But why are children forbidden to leave there ...? While acting normally for everyone, as if they knew nothing, Emma and Norman investigate the orphanage so they can escape successfully. While Emma and Norman continue to investigate and theorize about the new reality they discovered, Mama goes on her own research to find the two children who have discovered everything. Emma and Norman get a new ally who will contribute much to their escape plans. Mama Izabella gives a task of preparing a room for Emma, Norman, Ray, Don, and Gilda, but the real reason for it can mess up her plans. The arrival of Sister Krone may risk the success of the children's escape, but they do not give up. Meanwhile, Mama gives her information from the orphanage. Emma tries to find out information through Carol. After discovering the location of the transmitters, the next step is to prepare the children for flight without being aware. Sister Krone and the children play catch. Both Krone and the older trio will take advantage of this situation to analyze each other.

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