Humans are one of the two dominant species on the planet Earth, alongside "demons". A number of humans of many different races were sacrificed to the Demon World to become their food that they farm and fatten up for their meat, especially for their brains.

The Humans in the Demon World wanted to go to the Human World. chapter 73 p16

History Edit

Many years ago, humans were hunted and ruled by a race known as "demons". Over time, humans began to worship the demons out of fear of being eaten, while other humans fought back and became the hunters, causing more fear from demons and many massacres were incited for many years until the promise was made. Finally, a treaty was created by a human clan called the Ratri clan. The promise stated that the world would be divided into two halves, the humans and the demons and that no race would hunt each other or interact. However, humans were left in the demon world in order to keep balance between the two. the stranded humans were taken to plantation and factory farms to be a source of food and labour to the demon population.

Demon World resident Humans Edit

  • Humans that live in the Demon World as food, escapees, or workers.

Plantation Farm Humans

  1. Grandmother
  2. Mama
    • Farm 1 Mama
    • Farm 2 Mama
    • Izabella (Farm 3 Mama)
    • Farm 4 Mama
    • Farm 5 Mama
  3. Sister
  4. Kids or Escapees

Factory Farming Humans

  1. Factory Farm Humans