Grace Field House as seen through an eagle's eye view.

The Grace Field House is symmetrical flat-hexagonal complex used to raise children as livestock for the demons.[1] It is unique, being one of the four known Premium Farms. It is entirely operated by humans known as Mamas, who also doubles as a caretaker for the said children.

It consists of five Plantation Farms, a headquarter and a central area that connects the Plantations and the HQ. It is formed in a hexagonal shape. [2]

The entire complex is surrounded by walls. Beyond the walls lies a deep cliff. Both act as security measures to prevent the children inside from escaping. [3] The only known practical way to leave the complex is by using bridges that connect the HQ to the outside world.[4]


Grace Field House

Landscape layout of Plantation 3's orphanage building


The full extent of the Headquarters is unknown.

It does contain training facilities for future Mamas.[5][6]

It also contains medical facilities with equipment to allow complex operations on the heart, as well as help for women to give birth and to properly raise children up to the age of one.[7]
Grace Field House Burning-0

Plantation 3 burns down to the ground

It is run by humans and demons alike and is, as of now, the only place known to have male adults around.[8]

Plantation 3Edit

Plantation 3 consisted of an orphanage building, a forest surrounding it and a gate connecting it to the other plantations and the HQ. It was surrounded by walls to each side in a triangular shape.[9] With a huge abyss around the outer layer of the Wall.

The tunnel connecting it to the rest of Grace Field House was large enough for it to let trucks drive through it and the ceiling contains gear like structures of unknown function.[10]

Plantation 3 later burned down to the ground after Ray set the dining hall on fire in an attempt to escape. All the orphans were relocated after this and Isabella fate is left unknown.


A few area surrounding the perimeter of the complex is considered to be a deep cliff. However, evidence showed later in the story that it is in fact in the middle of a forested area of demon domain, called the Demon Forest. There is also a pathway to the Human World inside the farm.

Employees & OrphansEdit

Headquarters Edit

  • Grandmother - Head of the Grace Field House
  • William Minerva - Author of all the books in Plant 3, affiliated with the Grace Field House (Formerly)
  • Numerous unnamed employees and subordinates

Plantation 3 (Formerly) Edit

Relocated Orphans Edit

Former Orphans Edit

  • Emma (Escaped)
    All escapees

    All of the orphans who escaped Plant 3 of the Grace Field House with the exception of Emma

  • Ray (Escaped)
  • Gilda (Escaped)
  • Don (Escaped)
  • Anna (Escaped)
  • Nat (Escaped)
  • Thoma (Escaped)
  • Lani (Escaped)
  • Dominic (Escaped)
  • Jemima (Escaped)
  • Mark (Escaped)
  • Ivet (Escaped)
  • Cristy (Escaped)
  • Alicia (Escaped)
    Former Orphans

    Numerous unnamed orphans that were shipped out in the past

  • Rossi (Escaped)

Shipped Out Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In William Minerva's Promised Pen, the location of the Grace Field House is 00-00.


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