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 Kanji ギルダ
 Romaji Giruda
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 10
 D.O.B. 2035
 Hair Color Olive drab
 Eye Color Black
 Height 1,38 m
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Plant 3 (Formerly)
Sister Krone (Formerly)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Number 65194
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 4

Gilda (ギルダ, Giruda) is one of the orphans at the Grace Field House.


She has short olive drab hair that is equal in length to her chin and a huge and round pair of eyeglasses.



Introduction ArcEdit

Gilda is first seen when Mama calls all the older children to help her with chores around the house. While cleaning, she takes Don and goes to another room. The next day, a child runs to her and asks where Emma is. She says, she doesn't know and makes a sad face. Later on, she and Emma go to bathe and dress the toddler since they are the only two allowed to. While putting them to sleep, she looks at Emma and tells her she's really good with babies and that she could tell Carol already loves her. Gilda then approaches Emma to ask her about "That Night", but is interrupted when Emma starts checking Carol. She then asks if Carol had bug bite behind their ear

Gilda, along with Don is summoned by Norman to the library. In there, Emma and Norman tell them that Conny has been kidnapped and sold, to which she easily believes and starts crying because Emma had been serious these past few days. Later on, she talks with Emma and sleeps on her bed. When Emma had fallen asleep, she got out of the room and headed to Mama's room, when Sister Krone greets her from behind and tells her that she has been expecting her and leads her to another room. Emma, on the other hand, followed them and curiously listens to their conversation from the other side of the door. Gilda then says that she has nothing troubling her, to which Sister Krone replies that Emma had told her everything. Emma hears this and silently wishes that Gilda would realize that it's just a bluff. Shocked by this reply, Gilda had thought that Sister Krone had seen through her but pushes her away and says that she has no idea on what Sister Krone is saying.Gilda leaves but right before she goes out, Sister Krone grabs her and whispers something in her ear. When she (Gilda) went out, she saw Emma by the door to which she tries to explain about what happened but was surprised when Emma hugs her. She then thinks about what Sister Krone had whispered to her, that, if ever she finds out that Emma is lying to her, Gilda should just tell Sister Krone about it.



  • Gilda is the second eldest girl in the house after Emma.

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