Factory Farming

Children in an unknown Factory Farm

Factory Farms are farms that are solely made for the mass production of cheap human meat. Where children are being kept under poor conditions, barely living, just to be fattened.[1]

According to the archives in Shelter B06-32, the Factory Farms use Farm Identifiers just like the Premium Farms which are slightly different. The Factory Farms just use the same kind of brands to mark their livestock.[2]

Factory Farms

  • Hundreds unnamed Factory Farms.

Life at the Factory Farm

Humans who are being kept in these factory farms are being kept alive through monitors, to keep their organs function and to give them oxygen. The children in these farms do not learn a language, do not have names, have no free will and can not think of escaping because they are being kept in a coma their whole life. The factory farms are also well guarded against Poachers who try to steal the children from the plantations. This is the total opposite of the life the children have at the four Premium Farms.


  • Emma said how awful it is that the children do not even get a "fake happiness" like she had with Izabella.


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