Introduction Arc Edit

With the introduction of the series, Emma, ​​like every day, wakes up at 6 in the morning and wakes up all the children, helping them to dress up and play with them. Going to the kitchen, she meets Ray and Norman, giving them a good day. Because she's playing with the kids, Ray asks if she was five, irritating Emma. Mama calls her and affirms that she should not change, because she loves his loving way, rejoicing her. They prepare lunch and lunch, then they all do the Intelligence Tests, with the older trio taking the perfect notes, to Emma's happiness because of the affection she would receive from Izabella. After the tests, they go outside and play catch, with Norman being the catcher. While hiding in the forest, she stumbles upon the fence and begins to think about the "outside world." Returning to the handle, She is the last to be caught by Norman, even though he is superior to him in physical abilities. Outraged, she asks Ray how that was possible, he explains that he wins because of the tactics and gives him a brief lesson on the strategies he uses.

Later, they all gather for Conny's farewell, where she reveals her dream of being a mother like Mama and who will never abandon them. His dream touches everyone and Emma embraces her. Conny is taken by Mama, causing sadness to Emma. She goes to the bedroom and finds Little Bernie, Conny's stuffed animal, asking how she could. Ray says he saw the lights on the gate, meaning Conny would still be there. Norman offers to go there with Emma and they will. When they arrive at the gate, they find the place empty, with only one truck. Emma decides to leave Bernie in the truck but is shocked to see Conny's body lifeless. When they hear a noise, they hide under the truck and see two tall beings, deducing that they are demons. Listening to their conversation, They discover that the orphanage is a human flesh farm and that they are products in addition to Mama know everything. The two run away from the gate and Emma falls to the ground, in a state of denial about everything she has discovered, but Norman brings her back to reality, causing Emma to scream and cry. Norman consoles her, telling him that they will run away with all their brothers, but for now, they would pretend they knew nothing. Realizing Norman's calm, she decides not to cry anymore and to have the same Norman tactics. Telling him that they will flee with all their brothers, but for now, they would pretend they knew nothing.

The two return to the house and tell Ray that they have not gotten anything, even though they have forgotten Little Bernie there. While sleeping, Emma has a nightmare where she sees Conny dead at a dinner table, with a demon wanting to devour her, waking up scared. She begins her routine, but with a sad and discouraged expression, until she finds Norman and pretends to be happy, remembering her speech the day before. After the tests, Emma and Norman talk outside the orphanage, she comments on the windows with bars impossible to open from the house, comparing the orphanage like a cage.

Jailbreak Arc Edit

Promised Forest Arc Edit

After the orphans successfully escaped from the Grace Field House. They seek to find William Minerva. Entering the forest, the orphans were awed by the vastness of the place. The crew then later settled down to eat as Emma declared that it was their first time eating outside of the orphanage.

Search for Minerva Arc Edit