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Emma (エマ, Ema?) is the main protagonist of The Promised Neverland. She is one of the top students of Grace Field.


Emma was born in 2034, and was sent to Plant 3 a year later. She grew up with several other children, making friends with Norman and Ray, and being looked after by Mama Isabella. On January 1, 2039, Norman eventually became ill so Isabella ordered no one to stay with him so they would not get sick. However, Emma continuously disobeyed this rule, trying to talk to Norman, but being stopped by Mama until she finally found a way for them to talk: over a cordless phone. Sometime in the same year, she, Norman, and Ray went to the gate and asked them what they would do when they went outside, she says she would like to ride a giraffe. However, they did not enter the gate.


Emma is a young girl of average height, she has short, messy orange hair with one lock sticking up along with green eyes. Like all the other children at the orphanage, she wears the standard uniform— a shirt and skirt like the other girls and has brown shoes. She has her identification number "63194" on her neck.


She acts like an older sister to the other children and loves her family very much. Emma is sweet, heroic, caring, has a big heart and is a little naive, causing her to readily put herself at risk to ensure the safety of the whole group before anything else. Out of the main trio (along with Norman and Ray), she is the most vocal and unwilling to budge on this part of the plan even as their power struggle with Mama continues.

Skills and Abilities


Due to her capable athleticism, Emma has great physical abilities and amazing reflexes, as seen when she is always the last one to be caught in the hide-and-seek games at Grace Field. Emma is the child with the most breath and physical capacity in the house, being superior even to Norman who can only catch her because of his strategies.


Although Emma is not as bright as Norman and Ray, she is able to compete with them on an intellectual level. Emma was considered as one of the three geniuses at Grace Field as she received full marks in every test.

Emma has an incredible ability to learn fast, which allowed her to always be among the top three children.










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