Kanji ドン
 Romaji Don
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 10
 D.O.B. 2035
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Brown
 Height 1,55 m
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Plant 3 (Formerly)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Number 16194
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 1

Don (ドン, Don) is one of the orphans at the Grace Field House.


Don has dark skin and a tall and slender appearance. He has short, messy black hair with an undercut and brown eyes. He wears standard white uniform.



Introduction ArcEdit

Don is first introduced when Emma greeted him and Conny (and Little Bernie) while she was running around, carrying Phil.

Don is later seen asking Norman for help with fixing a clock in their room. Don, not know at the time, is confused when Norman starts looking at Emma when she's with Mama. Don is called when the older children have to help Mama with chores. While cleaning, he shouts that he wants to play and asks why they got chosen to do the chores. He questions if they are getting punished for something. Gilda then grabs him and pulls him to another room. When they return, he starts yelling because he sees Emma slacking off. He then continues to complain about doing chores.

Don laughs about human trafficking when Emma, Norman and Ray about the farm. chapter 11 page 9-12



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