Demons are beings that harvest children on Earth to be eaten in The Promised Neverland.


Demons are tall beings that have a long pointy face with two eyes above each other and two horns on top. They have a mouth with sharp teeth and a long tongue. They have long arms, fingers and sharp nails.

Some demons have been seen with a pipe connected to their face. It is currently unknown what this for. All demons so far have also been seen wearing a black cape.


It is currently unknown how the demons got to Earth or anything after the year 2015, which is stated by Ray to be the last year of any updated book at the Grace Field House.[1]


So far, the only thing known to be eaten by them, are children ages 6 - 12. Though, a picture has shown that shows the demons surrounded by other foods like chicken, sausage, grapes, apples, bread and wine.[2]

The Demons offer the top quality food to a certain demon they worship.[3]



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