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It is revealed that the world is indeed split into two instead of Demons having conquered the Human world within the last 30 years.

Ancient Treaty Edit

We shall make a treaty as follows:

  1. Humans won't hunt Demons anymore.
  2. Demons won't hunt Humans either.
  3. The world they live in is divided in two.
  4. Crossing the border between worlds is forbidden.

Some humans were "left behind" probably to farm.

Locations Edit

Demon Forest Edit

Bloodsucker Trees Area Edit

Underground Tunnel Edit

Minerva's Laboratory Base Edit

Grace Field House Edit

Headquarters Edit

Central Area Edit

Plantation 1 Edit

Plantation 2 Edit

Plantation 3 Edit

Plantation 4 Edit

Plantation 5 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The demon world is theoretically divided into 4 areas as per Minerva's pen with Gracefield House as the origin point, they are namely "A", "B", "C", "D".in a clockwise manner.


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