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It is revealed that the world is indeed split into two instead of Demons having conquered the Human world.

History Edit

Demons vs humans

The chaotic past of the shared world.

Millenniums ago, before the built of plantations, both demons and humans shared the same world thus leading to frequent hunting of humans by the demons. Some humans soon after did the same, while the rest worship and respect them out of fear of getting eaten. This became a continuous cycle as both sides begrudge each other.
After no one could tolerate the destruction, a person from the human side stood up to the demons and made a contract. Hence, once the contract was formed, the world was split between demons and humans.

Ancient Treaty Edit

We shall make a treaty as follows: "Human beings shan't hunt 'demons' anymore. In return, 'demons' shan't hunt humans either. This world we live in shall be divided between both.".[1]
— An unknown figure formulated "The Promise"
The split between 2 worlds

The proposal was made, hence the world was split between humans and demons.

A proposal —otherwise known as The Promise— was formed by an unknown person on the human side. It soon led to an agreement between the two races as the proposal was sealed; the humans and demons are restricted from further hunting. Afterwards, the world was broken into two— one side belonging to the demons while the other belonging to the humans. However, despite the purpose of the proposal, humans gave their children to the demons as a parting gift when they fled from the demon world. The children were later kept in "plantations" (institutions that took care of the children) as livestock for the demons to consume.

Locations Edit

Demon Forest Edit

Bloodsucker Trees Area Edit

Heathens Hideout Edit

Underground Tunnel Edit

Grace Field House Edit

Headquarters Edit

Plantation 3 Edit

Other Plantations Edit

Glory Bell Edit


Shelter B06-32 Edit


Goldy Pond Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The demon world is theoretically divided into 4 areas as per Minerva's pen with Gracefield House as the origin point, they are namely "A", "B", "C", "D".in a clockwise manner.


  1. The Promised Neverland Manga, chapter 47 pages 8

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