YNN Chapter 9 Cover Page
Lets Play A Game of Tag
 Date Released October 3, 2016
 Kanji 鬼ごっこしましょう
 Romaji Onigokko shimashou
 Volume #2
 Pages 19
 WSJ issue #44, 2016
 Story Arc Introduction Arc
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"Lets Play A Game of Tag" is the ninth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


Ray, asks Krone why she wants to play tag with them. She says she wants to become friends with everyone. Ray asks Norman if she came to get in their way or to investigate them. Norman says its fine and she won't find out anything, but Emma is starting to get scared.[1] In Emma's head she says that she should be smiling, but its hard. She remembers that its a chance to learn about her enemy and quickly regains herself. Krone starts to countdown and whilst she talks in her head about how shes been a loyal dog to Madam Isabella and has been watching them for 10 days. Madam Isabella doesn't trust Krone and she doesn't like that. Krone believes she found a way through her by going after Emma, Ray and Norman.[2] The three then discuss how Krone gave herself 20 minutes and that she will come after them first, while getting the younger children on the way. Krone then notices, she can't find any traces of the children and that theres fake footprints on the ground. This is what Madam Isabella meant by special children. Krone, then puts away her tracker and says she will get serious.

Krone manages to gather the young children up into one spot by putting shapes on leaves and leading them together. She exploited them easily. She then catches Nat, Annalisa and Thoma and Norman says he was impress of how far they came in a short time, but it isn't enough. Krone chases a child and thinks he got away through a wooden tree trunk, but Krone crashing through it. He then sees that Gilda and Don were also caught. Don then says, its too hard to shake her off and Gilda says its too much even compared to Norman. The children that are out notice that there are still 5 children in the game. Emma is seen running from Krone and picks up two children to carry.[3] She tells them to be quiet and jumps off a rock. Krone then says, Emma must be tired from carrying two children and that she has to rest eventually. She then tells her that Normans weak point is stamina and that he has a weak physique. She then says Ray's Achilles heel is that he gives up too quick. She continues to say that Emma's weakness is her naivety and that shes overly optimistic. Krone then says, "if it was you who saw the goods on that day, I'm on your side".[4] Krone then turns to find Emma. She tell goes to chase Norman and Ray and that she can catch Norman easily. They split up and she goes after Norman who jumps on a rock and stares at Krone. Ray then pops out behind Krone and says times up and the children win.

Krone then says, this isn't a farm, but zoo with wild beasts. Krone now believes Ray and Norman are the targets, but isn't overlooking Emma. She then sees Gilda with a child and believes she too could be one. Emma then says he couldn't out run her and that this is nothing compared to the "real deal". Norman tells Ray, they will have to escape in small teams. Each team will be made to counter everyones weakness. Norman finds his answer that its not impossible to kill Krone and sneaking up on her.[5]

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