YNN Chapter 8 Cover Page
I Have An Idea
 Date Released September 26, 2016
 Kanji 考えがある
 Romaji Kangae ga aru
 Volume #2
 Pages 18
 WSJ issue #43, 2016
 Story Arc Introduction Arc
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"I Have An Idea" is the eighth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


Emma and Ray go outside to play with the children. Before they leave outside the house, Mama stops Emma to fix her collar while touching behind her ear to feel the tracker. Emma leaves Mama and Ray tells her good work. Gilda seemingly notices something and Krone notices her.[1] While Emma, Ray and Norman are in the forest they discuss the transmitter in their ears and Norman says it time to move on to the next step of destroying them. Ray explains that the Mama can track them, but doesn't know that person is. Norman then says, they if they break them, it might notify the demons. Ray then goes on say their might an alarm in the trackers. Norman believes Mama has been hinting at them, that she knows there whereabouts. Ray then says he will handle the removal of the trackers and to leave it to him. They then move on to how they can move all the children together. Most of the children are young and can barely walk or run. Emma then says, she has an idea.[2]

Mama then walks up to Ray reading a book and says your reading all by yourself again and where are the others? He says who knows and that they are probably playing tag in the woods. Emma's idea was to play tag and whilst training the children without Mama or the children knowing. They will play it everyday and learn the basic of survival. They are then showing the children different tactics like erasing footprints and judging the wind speed. Thoma is then caught by Norman still and Ray explains to him that he has to do more than just erase them. Ray then sees Mama and Krone is no where to be found. Krone then asks Emma if she can join the game.[3]

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