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YNN Chapter 48 Cover Page
The Two Worlds
 Date Released July 17, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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"The Two Worlds" is the forty-eighth chapter of The Promised Neverland.

Synopsis Edit

Ray's pursuers find out the message he has left in the tree he's hiding at but they couldn't decipher it. However, their conquest is not futile since it made their suspicions about the 15 escaped orphans being alive and well.

Meanwhile, Sonju and Mujika are helping them to escape the forest by traversing an unknown path underneath the forest. Someone asked them if they live in the forest but they immediately answered that they're "travelers", hence there's no need to settle at one place.

Emma plan is finally exposed in this chapter. She plans to meet Minerva in order to learn how to cross the border between the two worlds. If it is possible, she plans to bring back Phil and other children in the Grace Field House and then cross the border to the human side.

The first step is clear since it involves going to a place under the coordinates B06-32 in Minerva's pen. However, Gilda and others are aware that won't be easy. But still, Emma tried to encourage them. While walking, Gilda and Don expressed their concerns to Emma and Ray for being too reckless in their actions for the sake of protecting others. Their worries are justified since when Emma collapsed, nobody is aware that she's already feeling sick moment beforehand. Also, this is because Ray made himself a decoy.

On the meantime, Mujika asked Sonju in demon language why he didn't tell everything. "Everything? What do you mean?", Sonju asked while being bewildered. Mujika responded that "those children, if they break the promise, DemonKing Name will turn them to the enemy". Sonju concluded the discussion by telling her that they'll realize it soon by themselves that DemonKing Name is their enemy.

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Trivia Edit

  • DemonKing Name is a stand-alone phrase in order to write the mysterious and significant term in The Promised Neverland that couldn't be read by any normal means. It was first mentioned in the Chapter 7.

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