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YNN Chapter 43 Cover Page
 Date Released June 19, 2017
 WSJ issue #29, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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"81194" is the forty-third chapter of The Promised Neverland.

Synopsis Edit

  • Something about roots pulling bodies.

  • One of the beast-like demon smelt that none of the children is eaten yet.

  • Because of the demons' report, Ray knows that Emma & co are safe.

  • something about a message he let about meeting at B6-032

  • he seemingly shows himself in front of the demons. the humanoïd demon gave a kind of signal (Flute), a bunch of demons appear and pursue Ray.

  • Ray tries to divert their attention, so to make Emma and co safe.

  • But Emma heard the signal and knows he's being pursued. emma entrusted the children to Don & Gilda and runs toward Ray's location.

  • not sure about this part -> seems Emma collapsed due to her ear mutilation.

  • a mysterious girl wearing plant's cloth appears and seems to want children to follow her.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

  • The code number 81194 in the chapter title refers to Ray's

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