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YNN Chapter 41 Cover
 Date Released June 5, 2017
 WSJ issue #27, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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"Attack" is the forty-first chapter of The Promised Neverland.

Synopsis Edit

  • the place they arrived to, was quite dark (no sunlight could reach it)
  • Emma looked back but there seems to be nothing suspicious around.
  • she found some water & activated the pen again and anew code appears : B00-15
  • codes are coordinates : on left part, numbers are providing North/south position and on right part of the code is East-West position.
  • Morse code "touch me " indicates a new code appears when touching the owl.
  • something about 13-18-02. and about digits & letters you can type.
  • Ray deciphered it easily.
  • when typing the word "Human", some Minerva's message appears.
  • His message: " if you need any assistance, contact me, my current position is B06-32"
  • They suddenly sensed a presence and hid the pen.
  • A demon appears & assaulted the children & destroyed the trees

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that on Minerva's pen, the codes are, in fact, coordinates in the demon world with Grace Field House as the origin. The alphanumeric on left side tells which quadrant they are currently in (with the northeastern quadrant named as "A" while "B", "C", and "D" are named to other quadrants such that they are arranged in a clockwise manner. Additionally, the first two numbers provide the North/South position and the last two numbers of the code dictates the East-West position.

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