YNN Chapter 40 Cover
The Snakes of the Alvar Pinera
 Date Released May 29, 2017
 WSJ issue #26, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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"The Snakes of Alvar Pinera" is the fortieth chapter of The Promised Neverland.

Synopsis Edit

Demons figured out that Emma, Ray, and the other 13 children are around the blood-sucking trees area. It is mentioned that they need to capture them as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the children learned the truth about the name of the monster surrounding them with the use of Minerva's adventure book. It is believed that these species attack whoever touch them.

In other to get through this fiasco, Ray & Emma assured to the others, that this "snake" won't be able to locate them as long as they keep from touching them. The plan involves something about climbing the central tree to escape. Also, since snake's weakness is cold, they need to pierce the ceiling so that cold air can enter the cave. The chapter ends with them having managed to make it out however, Emma sensed something behind her.

Trivia Edit

  • It is thought that the name of the monster is Alva pinella snake but in reality, their true name is Bloodsucker Trees.

References Edit

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