YNN Chapter 39 Cover
Beyond Expectations
 Date Released May 22, 2017
 WSJ issue #25, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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 "Beyond Expectations" is the thirty-ninth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


Emma was dragged onto her belly and a large chasm suddenly appears at her feet. She falls inside and finds herself in a cave with all of the missing children.

The cave has vegetation and insect life like nothing they have ever seen. Emma found quickly found that it would be impossible to climb up the steep walls of the stone, so instead, she starts looking around the back end of the cave for an exit. She finds small flowers that grow only in the few spots of sunlight that reach the cave from the surface. Emma is so engrossed with a flower at the base of a large tree trunk that she takes a moment to see the dried up animal carcasses hanging from the tree.

Ray judges their situation and believes that the underground cave was a feeding ground used by an unknown plant that preyed on animals.

The roots of the tree attack the children. Emma takes one of Minerva's books out of a bag. She reads a page of the book that says that fire could fend the plant off, but that smoke would attract their demonic pursuers. In the book there also seems to be a description about the plant life form that is attacking them. This book was one of the covers that Emma didn't know the Morse Code written on it, William Minerva's Adventure Story.



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