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YNN Chapter 38 Cover
The Promised Forest
 Date Released May 15, 2017
 WSJ issue #24, 2017
 Story Arc Promised Forest Arc
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Chapter 39
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  "The Promised Forest" is the thirty-eighth chapter of The Promised Neverland.

Synopsis Edit

Izabella receives a reprimand for letting the kids escape. The demons arranged a pursuing party to capture them dead or alive. Emma walks through the huge primeval forest when the younger kids got tired, so the group takes a break to eat something. Emma is doing her duty as a lookout then Ray approaches her to discuss their plan from here on out. She takes out her pen and says that they'll go to the spot B06-32 to meet Minerva. Afterwards, she instructs Ray to dismantle the pen and he sees the B06-32. After dismantling it some more they find an image projection device-like object that's built into the pen. Ray sees a graphic of an owl and a morse code. It's B01-14. He's surprised, but he suddenly hears Thoma shouting. When Ray rejoins them it turns out that they lost Lani. They call out his name, but nothing happens. Instead, a few moments later only Ray, Emma, Thoma and another kid all the other children disappear.

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