YNN Chapter 36 Cover
Action Part 5
 Date Released April 24, 2017
 Kanji 決行⑤
 Romaji Kekkō 5
 WSJ issue #21-22, 2017
 Story Arc Jailbreak Arc
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Chapter 37
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"Action Part 5" is the thirty-sixth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


An alarm echoes all throughout the complex. The bridge is far away from Emma's place. "So what now?" asks a flustered Ray. Emma has no intention to head to the bridge.

Don throws a couple of ropes with stones at their end around to the opposite shore (beyond the cliff) and they tangle in the trees.

To erase the children's anxieties, Don overcomes the cliff, by sliding down the ropes. The children confirm that he's safe and imitate his brave act using a bottle rocket, one by one.

Ray is speechless. Even this was planned by Norman. One of the children is scared, so Ray carries him and moves to the other side as well. Izabella searches with everything she got, but can't find any of the children. When Mama climbed up the wall, the kids already crossed the cliff.

Emma disappears as the last person into the forest of the outside world waving goodbye to Mama, who can't even see her. These 15 children are now free and the Katana Demons won't even find them



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