YNN Chapter 31 Cover Page
 Date Released March 20, 2017
 Kanji 空虚
 Romaji Kūkyo
 Volume #4
 WSJ issue #16, 2017
 Story Arc Jailbreak Arc
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"Empty" is the thirty-first chapter of The Promised Neverland.


After Norman is sent, Emma went into depression.


The chapter begins by showing how the house is without Norman, with his bed without a mattress, the chair where he sat empty, his toothbrush removed, and his desk of Intelligence Tests empty. Emma is in the hallway and thinks she's heard Norman, but when she turns around, she sees it was not true, being sad that he's gone. Outside, Emma is leaning against a tree while the others play. Phil comments that Emma is sad, Lani and Thoma comment that Ray was too, commenting that this was because Norman and the two were close.

Don and Gilda look at and remember a conversation with Ray, where he says that everyone will die anyway, giving up on escaping. Emma tries to convince him by handing her device, he tells her that she can keep it and says she could run away if she wants, but he would not, apologizing. Emma leaves the room sad. Going back to the real time, Don and Gilda are in the woods. Gilda comments that Emma and Ray look different people and asks if they would even be able to flee this time. Don says panicking would not help and they should do their best in their own way, in which she agrees.

In the infirmary, Emma is lying down and thinks about what she should do without Norman and Ray. She doubts if she will be able to help everyone escape and live, saying that she could not do anything useful and could not do anything without Norman. At that moment, Izabella enters the infirmary, scaring Emma. She hugs Emma and cites all the things that went wrong, like Norman's death, Ray's quitting and the abyss behind the wall, telling her to give up everything to stop suffering, asking her to accept her fate. Izabella says that if she agrees, she will recommend her to the high rank as a candidate for Mama, stating that she will grow up, have a child and, if considered worthy, will return to a plant like Mama or Sister. She claims that Emma is a special child who deserved this option. Immediately, she thinks about who would choose this, Izabella agrees but states that it was the only option. She asks Emma to live and to form her career as Mama. However, Emma refuses to do so. Izabella gets annoyed and walks out of the room, but looks at Emma crying in bed earlier, getting sad.

Not knowing what to do, the scene changes to Emma leaning against a tree, hopeless, thinking it was impossible and she could not do anything. Children try to cheer her up, but they can not. Don and Gilda are sad to see how Emma was. Ray is shown in the library, equally discouraged. Izabella is sad to see Emma's situation, she turns around and claims that this was her "checkmate". Two months later, on January 14, 2046, Emma headed dejectedly into the Dining Room, where she found Ray, who was leaving the house on his last night in it, for it was his birthday the next day. He asks Emma if she really gave up, she gives a smile in response.

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Research ElementsEdit

In this chapter we have the following Research Elements: (To be added)


  • This chapter takes place between November 4, 2045 and January 14, 2046.


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