YNN Chapter 3 Cover Page
The Iron Lady
 Date Released August 15, 2016
 Kanji 鉄の女
 Romaji Tetsu no on'na
 Volume #1
 WSJ issue #38, 2016
 Story Arc Introduction Arc
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"The Iron Lady" is the third chapter of The Promised Neverland.


While Emma and Norman continue to investigate and theorize about the new reality they discovered, Mama goes on her own research to find the two children who have discovered everything.


With a narrative of Emma about her disappointment in knowing that Mama was really an enemy, Norman says that she was not his mother and not human, but a demon in disguise. Throughout the day, while they do their chores, they are tired with the drastic change of reality. Thinking about the fact that they are human flesh, they wonder how the demons saw their quality standard, coming to the conclusion that age defined quality in the ranking, believing that the top quality was 12 years old, the age at which the children went Though anyway. They wonder why they are sent 6-12 years old when Norman realizes it must be the brain, considering that an adult brain is 90% developed at age 6. They enter the orphanage and decide to look for a rope to escape. Before that, Emma asks about the transmitters, which could disturb them, but Norman comments that he checked the beds and clothes and found nothing, disappointed that they were stapled instead of the house. Emma says that Mama may know they went to the wall, but Norman comments that she only knew where they were when she saw the "clock" and also, had she known, had not made her demonstration in the case of Naila's disappearance. Before Norman could complete his reasoning, he is called by Don to fix the clock in the room. Emma looks at the picture with the drawings and remembers the drawing of Conny, getting annoyed at having to pretend that nothing happened. At this time,

Mama notices Emma's strange behavior and begins to analyze her reactions. Realizing this, with much effort, Emma manages to calm down physically, but emotionally was greatly shaken by the love of Mama was always a lie. She invents that she would miss the house and Mama when she leaves, hugging her and saying she loved her, surprising Norman. Then she says if she asks how Conny was, by her dream of being a mother, Mama replies that she hopes and is sure that this will happen, irritating and surprising Norman because she is so resolute and determined, like an iron wall. Knowing this, Emma almost loses control of her emotions, but Ray interrupts the conversation, summoning them to dinner. While all the kids headed into the dining room, including Emma and Norman

After Mama's departure, Emma falls to the ground due to the exhaustion of containing both her emotions, Norman helps her to get up and confirms that Mama was checking them, knowing that her target was two children, arriving at the conclusion that the transmitters are not able to identify the person. With everyone going to dinner, Mama, in her thinking, confirms that no child was with a reaction that stood out from the normal, noting that Emma's heartbeat was normal when she spoke of Conny. As Emma and Norman enter the hunt for the ropes, Mama, in her bedroom looking at herself in a mirror, says she will not let anyone escape and that only she would survive by revealing her "identification" number.

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

  1. Izabella
  2. Emma
  3. Norman
  4. Conny (flashback)
  5. The Demons (flashback)
  6. Don
  7. Ray

Research ElementsEdit

In this chapter we have the following Research Elements:

  • 3.1 - Mama can not identify which children are in a prohibited area with only their transmitter;
  • 3.2 When Mama seems to evaluate Emma's reactions, Ray arrives at the right time and distracts her;


  • It is revealed that Izabella's number is 73584.[1]
  • It is revealed that the year is 2045.[2]
  • In the chronological order of the series, this chapter takes place on October 14, 2045.
  • As seen in the memory of Chapter 13, Ray delivers Emma and Norman to Mama in the events of this chapter.


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