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YNN Chapter 27 Cover Page
Won't Let You Die
 Date Released February 20, 2017
 Kanji 死なせない
 Romaji Shinasenai
 Volume #4
 WSJ issue #11, 2017
 Story Arc Jailbreak Arc
Chapter 26
Chapter 28
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"Won't Let You Die" is the twenty-seventh chapter of The Promised Neverland.

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Plot Edit

Emma and Ray want Norman to pretend that he escaped, but in reality, he will just be hiding within the area. His transmitter will be disabled before he disappears. Ray explains the mechanism behind all of the role-playing involved for the farm to be successful.

If Norman does escape, then either Emma or Ray would take his place in the shipping. Since Emma is in a bad state, that leaves Ray as the next candidate. Emma suggests that Ray gets injured, sick, or whatever purposefully so that the shipping would be delayed.

It´s settled. Norman will escape and will work behind the scenes.

Norman ask Ray a very interesting question: how did Ray knew the secrets behind the house? which Ray replies that he knew from the very beginning.

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