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YNN Chapter 17 Cover Page
Secret Room and William Minerva Part 2
 Date Released November 28, 2016
 Kanji 秘密の部屋と W (ウィリアム)・ミネルヴァ②
 Romaji Himitsu no heya to wiriamu mineruva 2
 Volume #3
 WSJ issue #52, 2016
 Story Arc Jailbreak Arc
Chapter 16
Chapter 18
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"Secret Room and William Minerva Part 2" is the seventeenth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


Don and Gilda enter Izabella's secret room with the toys of other kids. They also talk about William Minerva based on a secret code such as the Promised Neverland. It shows pictures of the other kids that were shipped out.

Plot Edit

William Minerva had inserted Morse code into his book that spells the dangers of the orphanage. Since it´s only a book and not the actual person himself, it´s unclear whether he is still alive or now.

In William´s book must be some sort of clue of the demon´s chief true name, and something about a promise. It´s highly probable that these facts will be crucial to the escape plan.

Don and Gilda manage to break into the hidden room. There, they see that all of the precious belongings of their siblings that left the orphanage were there. They start to ponder why all their belongings were in the room and start questioning whether the trio had actually told them the real truth.

Don and Gilda hear Mama´s footsteps and are starts panicking.

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