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YNN Chapter 16 Cover Page
Secret Room and William Minerva Part 1
 Date Released November 21, 2016
 Kanji 秘密の部屋と W (ウィリアム)・ミネルヴァ①
 Romaji Himitsu no heya to wiriamu mineruva 1
 Volume #2
 WSJ issue #51, 2016
 Story Arc Jailbreak Arc
Chapter 15
Chapter 17
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"Secret Room and William Minerva Part 1" is the sixteenth chapter of The Promised Neverland.


They talk about the secret room where Izabella reports to the HQ. Emma shows some books to them.

Plot Edit

The hidden room is next to Mama´s room. Remember the short summary I wrote where I said that Emma was doing something strange? It was on chapter 12. Emma was counting her footsteps in the hallway to see if it matched her footsteps in the rooms next to the hallway, and they discovered that there is a discrepancy. Thus, said hidden room must be in that unaccounted space lag.

The three steps to their successful prison break are: escape, run away, and survive. They have figured out what to do for the first one: escape. The second one is running away, and to do that, they need more information about the outside world.

Their next step for the plan is checking the world surrounding the wall with a binocular.

It seems the kids have an ally in the outside world with the name of William Minerva. This guy has been written books that get into the orphanage.

Don stole the master key from Mama, and both Gilda and Don will try to break into the hidden room.

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

  1. Emma
  2. Don
  3. Norman
  4. Ray
  5. Gilda
  6. Izabella (mentioned)
  7. Sister Krone (mentioned)
  8. William Minerva (mentioned)



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