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 Kanji バイヨン
 Alias Lord Bayon
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
 Race Demon
 Age 1000+
 Hair Color None
 Eye Color Black
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Goldy Pond, Peter Ratri
 Occupation Manager, Investor[1]
 Status Deceased
• Relationships •
 Allies Leuvis, Luce† , Nous† , Nouma† , Bayon† , Peter Ratri, the Demons
 Enemies Emma, Yugo† , Lucas† , Ray, Goldy Pond Resistance menbers
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 66

Bayon (バイヨン, Baiyon?) is one of the antagonists of The Promised Neverland. He belongs to the group of Demons known as the "Poachers" and is the owner of the secret human hunting reserve Goldy Pond.


Circa a millennium ago, Bayon was in a meeting with several demons discussing on how they should consume orphans when they are recently forbidden to do so due to the treaty. As the demons complained, Bayon came out with the solution of building the farms to "cultivate" the young of the humans so to satisfy the demons' need of consuming human flesh, as well as to comply with the treaty. Therefore, Bayon's solution was accepted and included as part of the treaty.

Around 200 years after the establishment of the farms, Leuvis received the news of Bayon getting elected as an investor and manager of several farms, as he openly mocked Bayon and warned him of not to get carried away by his high ranking positions. Seemingly unoffended by Leuvis' comment, Bayon agreed with him, as he rhectorically question on how it does not matter to him if he indeed gets carried away by his rank.[2] Years later, Bayon, Leuvis, Nous, Nouma, Luce and a few other demons overrun a deserted human town under Bayon's name, which they soon turned into a hunting ground as orphans who either have been bought or stumbled into the place by accident were thrown into the hunting ground for Bayon and his team to hunt.



He likes to play and hunt and has his attendants carry him.


Search For Minerva Arc

He is an Aristocrat Demon with a secret hunting reserve in Goldy Pond. The Premium Farms do not know about it.

Bayon, Lewis and other demons were later seen eating human meat after hunting.[3]

Peter Ratri meets with Bayon to prevent Humans from the Demon World to enter the Human World. chapter 73 p 5

Nous says Bayon is just unbelievable to catch a Grace Field House escapee which made the demons excited to hunt. Emma and Ray are premium grade but the other one is mature. chapter 76 page 1-3

Escape Goldy Pond Arc

Archduke Lewis said Adam is one of Bayon's investment. chapter 92



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