Archduke Lewis mugshot
 Kanji ルイス
 Romaji Ruisu
 Alias Archduke Lewis
• Characteristics•
 Race Demon
 Gender Male
 Hair Color None
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Poachers
Goldy Pond
Grand Valley
 Occupation Purveyor
Acting Leader of Goldy Pond
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 66

Lewis (ルイス, Ruisu?) is one of the antagonists of The Promised Neverland. He belongs to the group of Demons called the Poachers. It is also later revealed that he serves as a purveyor for the Grand Valley orphanage who delivers the children to Goldy Pond.


When Lewis witnessed Emma's potential in killing his comrade, he mentioned how he had not felt such thrill and entertainment since he faced another group of children, refering to the unnamed man and his friends.[1]

Appearance Edit

Lewis is a tall and slender demon with three fingers on each hand. His entire body is clothed and he wears a high collar cape over it. He also wears a matching top hat decorated with rope-like looms. Just like most other demons, his face is covered with a mask with four holes on top of each other with the upper three allowing him to see, and the bottom one which revealed his sharp canines.
Archduke Lewis also owns a pet which is often seen on his shoulder. It has two eyes -one on top and a much bigger one below- and physical features of a monkey, it wears a tiny crown on top of its head.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Lewis' personality currently. But he appeared to be a rather laid back individual who sees the other poachers' intention of playing with their prey (the human orphans) as immature.[2]

Plot Edit

Search For Minerva Arc Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Lewis has proven himself to have a high degree of speed and agility. This was shown when he was able to catch the axe that Emma threw at a high velocity before it stabs his comrade's eye in a nick of time.

Hunting Edit

He is good at hunting Glory Bell escapees even the survivors and the Goldy Pond Resistance are careful of him.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • His name is Lewis but it is usually incorrectly referred to as Archduke Lewis.

References Edit

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